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Japan architectur Now

Tadau andonisme "
tadao ando is architect from japanis,inspirated from lee corbusier 'pionir of modern architect" this architect is category.purisme architecture.(base form architect)

Bath room design

Bird eyes view

Purisme in architect

Tadao ando" architect japanis" my idola

Japan architecture traditional, The past of architecture japan

"The introduction of Buddhism into Japan in 538, also brought many architects from the Korean peninsula with new techniques reflecting the Chinese (Northern Wei) style of Buddhist architecture. Horyuji, a temple in Nara whose main hall and pagoda date back to the Asuka period, was built in this style. Architecture during the Nara period (710-794) was influenced by the Tang style which was characterized by stable and balanced proportions and by an emphasis on structure over ornamentation. The lecture hall of Toshodaiji, a temple in Nara, is one of the finest representations of this style."From (asian info)

now architecture of japanese is the international style...its means "minimalis Architecture"
but consept of space base from " lay out the spirit of zen"

construction for estetika

"ball architectur"
and more more more ...this site is still have a bulid .....

Rony architect indonesia architect tropis minimalisme

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